RACK: Your Complete Remote
Audit Platform

The RACK remote auditing platform is fast, easy, and secure so you can have complete, accurate, consistent remote compliance audits, where and when you need them.
RACK - Remote Audit Communication Kit - Remote auditing for GMP Compliance

Simple, fast, easy. 
Remote auditing for Regulatory Compliance  

RACK is a turn-key solution 
that allows you to conduct remote audits 
for compliance.
If you can send an email, 
you can schedule and perform a remote audit.

Set the Date

Invite collaborators

Launch the audit


Quality Manager
HBT Labs
"RACK uses the latest technology, DCS's approach covers all the bases. There is a support person available during the audit to manage the technical side of the equipment that supports the audit, which makes it so much easier to perform a remote audit when you don't have to worry about those things.

See for yourself

We are happy to walk you through a quick demo of the RACK so you can see for yourself. 
Best Practices: Remote Auditing
for GMP Compliance Audits
The RACK - Complete Remote Audit solution in one easy to use platform
Learn about the innovative technology involved and what it 
takes to conduct a successful remote audit.
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