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Your all-in-one turn-key solution 
for conducting remote cGMP compliance audits
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360° site view

Using the RACK (Remote Audit Communication Kit) gives you complete control over the entire audit experience enabling a thorough evaluation in real-time with a 360° view of the site.
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Secure communication

RACK is a secure platform for real-time visual inspection and document review. The RACK platform has multiple safeguards built into the technology as well as the process to insure the security and integrity of every audit.
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RACK technology support

Real-time support

We’re there with you from start to finish – we have technical support staff at the ready to guide you through the entire process. We manage the technology so you can focus on the audit.

Cost effective

Using the RACK saves both time and money.
The cost of conducting a remote audit is comparable or better than in-person travel depending on the distance to site.
Multiple audits can be performed in less time
RACK cost of remote audit

Remote auditing has long been on the horizon as a “future technology” that will revolutionize the way drug and device manufacturers satisfy FDA and cGMP regulations.

COVID-19 forces a new future

It’s 2020, and COVID-19 has forced the future upon us. Auditors, sponsors, and manufacturers need a solution to conduct remote audits.

The problem with other approaches is that they are either too simple and don’t provide a complete and secure solution or they are so complex that it’s virtually impossible for the site staff and the auditor to focus on completing the audit without the distraction of managing technology. 

That’s why we developed the RACK system, an all-in-one solution that has everything you need to easily conduct a successful remote audit.
The RACK is a self-contained system that includes a preconfigured laptop with proprietary software that allows for a remote audit technician to remotely manage the technology for a seamless experience. 
The RACK contains a unique set of cameras that provides:
• real-time 360° site visibility
• a “detail” camera so the auditor and site staff 
   can communicate “in person” 
• a document camera for reviewing physical documents 
   that remain on-site.

The RACK can be shipped to any location on the planet. It’s a streamlined process to make it as easy as possible to keep your 
audits on track.
the RACK remote auditing

Prefer a personal demo?

We are happy to walk you through a quick demo of the RACK so you can see for yourself.
Best Practices: Remote Auditing
for GMP Compliance Audits
The RACK - Complete Remote Audit solution in one easy to use platform
Learn about the innovative technology involved and what it 
takes to conduct a successful remote audit.
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