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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an Auditor review paper documents remotely as well as electronic? 

Yes, The RACK provides a stationary document review camera for this purpose.

Can an Auditor see all parts of the room during a virtual tour?

Yes, The RACK provides a 360 Camera for this purpose and a Detail/Close-up camera for Documents, Records, Labels or Placards seen during the tour.

Is it secure?

The Remote Audit Service (RAS) incorporates a Secure Document Viewing App that assures NO part of your documents can be permanently saved by the Auditor. 

Part of our service provides an encrypted Live Stream to a password protected section of our Website where the Auditor can view the broadcast over our secure Live Stream viewer. No video of the live stream is available at the end of the session. RAS Audit Support staff can demonstrate this to the Auditee.

How long does it take for the RACK to get to an audit site?

The cost of shipping is passed thru to the company requesting the audit this allows for them to request expedited shipping if needed. We recommend a min of 2 days shipping domestically and more when shipping internationally.

What kind of internet connection is required at the audit site?

Minimally the audit site should have 2.4Ghz WiFi available wherever the tour guide will be going. Our 360 and detail camera’s can also work on the closest cellular network if needed. If needed our RAS Audit Support staff can contact the audit site ahead of time.

Prefer a personal demo?

We are happy to walk you through a quick demo of the RACK so you can see for yourself.
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