How Remote Auditing Works

Using the RACK (Remote Audit Communication Kit) for keeping your cGMP site audits on track is simple.

Conducting a remote audit with RACK

Set Date for Remote Audit

Set the date  

  • Coordinate a date for the audit with the audit site
  • Tell us where to send the RACK

For the auditor: we’ll send you log-in information so you can log-in to get familiar with the interface.

Set up RACK for Remote Audit

Get set up

  • Choose a location to place the RACK for the audit, usually a conference room.
  • Obtain Guest WIFI login information and connect the laptop and the phones.
For the auditor: Check your email for the link or log-in to to be taken to the audit interface
Start your Remote Audit

Start your audit

  • Open the RACK
  • Plug in and Turn on RACK components
  • Connect to your local WiFi
  • Start the Audit

For the auditor: Once you are logged in, you will be able to have a 360° view as soon as the camera is turned on, as well as video conferencing and document review capabilities from one simple interface

Every remote audit is fully supported by a RACK Technician

Should any problems arise during the audit, rest assured that you will be fully supported by a RACK technician throughout the entire remote auditing experience so that even if hiccups occur, we will take care of it for you so you can focus on the audit. 
Remote Audit Support With RACK
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