Instructions for using the RACK
(How to conduct remote audits)

The RACK has everything you need to conduct a remote audit. 
The RACK comes with a 360° camera, a "detail camera," a document camera and a laptop that allows the RACK technician to remotely access the audit equipment.

Using the RACK

The RACK comes with:

360° Camera - for the immersive site audit and site staff interviews

Document Camera – for reviewing documents at the site that are not currently digital

Detail Camera – for communicating with the site staff during the audit

Laptop with Remote Software – for connecting to the RACK tech and enabling remote access for guidance and trouble-shooting, as well as providing another camera in the designated audit area.

360° Cam

360 Camera for remote audit
The 360° Camera is the camera you will use to inspect the premises. It enables a 360° view that is shared with the auditor in real-time, just as if they were there in person.

Detail Cam

Detail camera fo Remote Audit
The Detail Camera is the camera you’ll use to interact in real-time with the auditor, very similar to a Skype® or Zoom call®

DOC CAM & Laptop

DOC CAM & Laptop for Remote Audit
The Document Camera, or “DOC CAM” is the camera you will use to review physical documents. The documents are placed under the camera and the pages are turned to share them.

The Laptop computer is the central core of the Remote Audit Communication Kit. It provides connectivity for the RACK Tech.

Using the 360° Cam

The RACK 360° Camera is comprised of two components, the camera and the phone that gives it connectivity. To use it:

  • Turn on the Camera
  • Turn on the phone
  • Connect the phone to wifi (as a back-up)

Once you’re up and running, the auditor will be able to navigate the view from a remote location.

The chaperone can carry the camera around the premises, placing it in various spots to share a real-time view of what’s happening.

The example video shown here will give you an example of what to expect. The only difference is that this is a recorded video, the audit will be in real-time and not recorded.

Using the Detail Cam

The Detail Cam, the 2nd phone on the camera rig, is what you’ll use to interact and coordinate with the auditor. It’s currently using Zoom® video conferencing. Turn on the phone and click on Zoom® icon to launch the application. Enter your meeting number and press the “Join” button.
Using Detail Cam for Remote Audit

Using the Doc Cam

Using the DOC CAM is simple.

  • Place the document under the camera
  • Turn the pages. Make sure to pause for
    1 second between each page turn.

The auditor can then use the playback feature to go back and forth between pages.

Using the Laptop

The laptop is the central hub of the RACK components and provides connectivity for the camera system.

Open it up, power it on, and connect it to the WIFI.

Using the Laptop for Remote Audit

Want to try it?

We are happy to walk you through a quick demo of the RACK so you can see for yourself.
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