Technology enables the promise of remote auditing.

Covid-19 has altered the way our world operates, and the GMP audit process has not been spared. With Covid related restrictions preventing auditors from accessing CMOs and Suppliers, remote auditing has become necessary to ensure GMP compliance. Luckily, technology has advanced enough that audits can now be done without compromising security or accuracy.

While technology makes remote auditing possible, it is still requires a new skill set. Part of this is how fast technology is evolving. As soon as one product comes out, a better product soon follows. Due to fast-evolving technology, it can be challenging to develop and maintain a system that can keep up.
Secure Remote Auditing
Remote Auditing Technology
For companies that need the ability to conduct remote audits, building a system can be extremely expensive due to the amount of time and labor associated with getting all the parts to work together reliably, never mind the cost of the equipment itself. This is why we created the Remote Audit Communication Kit (RACK), to make it easy and consistent for anyone to do remote audits, while avoiding the cost and commitment to specific technology. We built RACK with the latest technology and best customer service, all tied in to a reliable back-end that allows us to quickly adapt RACK as the technology continues to change.

A key part of most audits is the site tour. Without a system like the RACK, it is impossible to provide auditors with 360° unobstructed views of the facility in real time. While cell phone cameras have live streaming capabilities, none allow the Auditor to control where they want to look. Most companies don’t want images of their products and facilities plants to be recorded due to privacy concerns. RACK provides the necessary technology for a remote audit to be live-streamed privately with the same high quality images and low to no latency using our secure service. The RACK platform’s live streaming ability removes the necessity of recording the facility, thus removing the risk of exposing a pharmaceutical company's intellectual property.
The RACK platform currently uses the latest technology from Insta360, which provides a dual-lens with super 4K resolution. Insta360 is the leader in the portable 360° camera space and continues to push the limits of what’s possible. We have integrated the camera as one component of our RACK system, together with other built in technologies. The RACK provides the easiest platform for all of the Auditor’s needs. Whether it’s touring the plant or securely reviewing documents. The Auditor has everything they need in a simple to use interface accessible from their browser at home or at the office.
Having the camera and software that is capable of high quality 360° live streaming is only one part of the puzzle. Having a reliable network to send the signal out to the platform is essential. The RACK uses Verizon to take advantage of their developing 5G network. So far, it’s the fastest in the world, and it’s 25x faster than any 4G network available today. Verizon’s 5G enables the low to no latency experience that auditors should demand. It makes delays virtually unnoticeable. Verizon is working quickly to expand coverage across the U.S. which makes Verizon 5G the best option to provide live video for remote audits.

RACK is the Only Complete Solution

Maintaining GMP compliance is extremely important, and RACK is the only complete solution for performing a remote audit. With RACK, auditors and audit sites have consistent, real time interaction while performing tours of the facility. The site can share documents securely without fear of copies being made, and auditors can have control of what they look at without having to rely on the site staff. The RACK platform allows anyone to have access to the newest technology through the best system available, without the burden of having to implement it themselves. Remote auditing is no longer something that will happen in the future, it’s here now, and it’s here to stay. DCS is dedicated to helping anyone that wants to conduct a remote audit have the best possible experience.

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